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Korea E3 Test Institute Inc.
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Agasarang EM Guard

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Agasarang EM Guard

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Agasarang EM Guard
  • Guard for intercepting electromagnetic wave from Wifi routers and laptops
  • Built-in 'SHE', the world's top material intercepting electromagnetic wave
  • Interception of electromagnetic wave over 90% which Wifi devices emit to human body
  • Interception of electromagnetic wave over 90% emitted to genitals while use of laptop
  • Protection both human body and the device by absorbing electromagnetic wave unlike the existing products manufactured by other companies which only shield the wave
  • Its folding screen-design makes stability and luxuriousness stand out
  • Particularly, effective for protecting infants and pregnant women vulnerable to electromagnetic wave
  • Harmless to human body since it is made of materials with the RoHS certification

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